Sigourney Weaver – 60 years old and still a sexy actress

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Could you believe that Sigourney weaver is over 60 years old and still going on very strong as an actress? Which movie you remember her best from is different for most people hover the Alien series is one that often comes to most people’s mind? The original Alien movie was released in 1979 when Sigourney was 30 years old and absolutely gorgeous just like she is today.

She played a good girl who turned mean after having to go through some very rough times with a crazy acid blooded alien. Seven years later the sequel Aliens came out where we see Lieutenant Ripley get revenge on the nasty aliens and save the day by rescuing the little girl and her hot to trot army company rescue man.

The Aliens movie was a short lived happy tale when we find out in the next movie that the alien has managed to stole away onboard the spaceship and causes it to crash killing both the young girl and the soldier. Ripley is left alone with a prison full of angry and lonely men who she has to fight off as well as the monster in the deep.

Another 1980s film that Sigourney Weaver was claimed to fame from was the Ghostbusters movies both the first and the second. At first Sigourney is seduced by the evil that lurks in her fridge until the team of Ghostbusters comes to save the day and bring her back from being a big evil dog. In the second movie it is her basted son that is the one the evil lord wants to possess so Sigourney and the team get cracking to fight the evil that is rapidly spreading throughout the city.

In the movie Copycat you will follow the story of one of the best crime solvers fighting her own private demons of not being able to leave the house. A complete wiz with serial killing he character Helen Hudson has to find this Copycat serial killer before she herself becomes one of the victims of his murderous spree. Another movie that was far from the action scenes of the first few was the Gorillas in the Mist movie where Sigourney played the role of an animal activist looking after the hunted beast and trying to protect them from the hunters and poachers.

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