Sigourney Weaver Facts

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Sigourney Weaver is a classically-trained actress who has starred in a wide range of movies, though she is well-known for her starring role in the Alien movie series which became very popular in the late 1970s. She stands 5’11 and has managed to age gracefully compared to many actresses her age. Weaver decided to adopt the name of “Sigourney” after being inspired by the book “The Great Gatsby” when she was just fourteen years old. She was raised in New York City where she received her primary education and then went on to attend Stanford University where she did extremely well academically, later earning a master’s degree at Yale’s School of Drama.

After Weaver graduated from college she was able to find work, but only with small plays that were far from being on Broadway. She clawed her way to the top over the years after graduating, eventually landing the role of Lieutenant Ripley in the classic sci-fi movie Aliens, starring alongside Tom Skerrit. The first major role that Weaver had was in the movie “Madman”, which did not achieve nearly the same level of success as Alien did. Years later came the sequel to the movie that had put her on the map, Aliens. The 1986 movie had Weaver return in the same role as before and the reception from fans was incredible. Ever since the very first movie she starred in she has been challenging herself with a variety of roles.

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