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The movie started out in darkness and also finished the same way because space can be a very dark place where nobody can hear you scream. In the thriller and horror movie about aliens we got to get scared out of our seats with the great graphics back in the 1979. Years later in the third and forth series we see the graphics get better even though Sigourney only lasts for the first three movies. She is a kick ass kind of girl that the aliens have taken everything from so she is hell bent on revenge and killing off the aliens. By the fourth movie in the series which is alien verse predator we find out that the predators are bringing the aliens to earth anyway so what she did to stop them meant nothing. Sigourney has also done several other good movies that have done well for her Hollywood career. She was made even more famous in 1982 when ghost busters the movie hit the big screen and millions of people flocked to see it because not only was it going to be a scary movie but it was one for the kids to watch as well.

It was seven years until the next alien movie called Aliens where she was teamed up with a group of future marines who was sent in to kill the alien however through a sequence of bad events the entire platoon was lost and the alien managed to get off the planet. Sigourney also did the movie Gorilla’s in the Mist and played the part of Dian Fossey who was the famous woman that looked at the habits of the great apes. The sequels to Ghost Busters and Alien movies came out late in her career which she did as part of her obligations to the movies. In 1997 she was the wicked witch in Snow White which was a story to scare the pants off you if you thought it was just an innocent fairy tale. The Dwarves are misfits, outcasts and thieves who take in Snow White however the wicked witch still manages to find her.

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