Sigourney Weaver One Of The Most Important American Actresses

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The actress Sigourney Weaver was born on born October 8, 1949 and she had worldwide recognition with her role from the film series Aline where she interpreted the character named Ellen Ripley. Se is an American actress and she also had interesting roles in movies such as Ghostbusters, Gorillas In The Mist, The Ice Storm, Working Girl and many.

Sigourney Weaver movies imply hard roles and characters that have to fight against strange, unseen forces, in a word, Sigourney Weaver movies are science fiction and fantasy. She was born in Manhattan, New York and both her parents were connected with television or movies: her mother was an actress also and her father a television executive and television pioneer also. Her real name is Susan Alexandra Weaver, but the used “Sigourney” after the name of a character from the novel Great Gatsby. Her first role was in the Annie Hall movie by Woody Allen in 1977 and in 1999 she appeared in the first part of the film Alien.

Academy Award For Best Actress was a nomination that Sigourney received, something that not happens very often with the science movies, but she had this performance. Later, she received several Golden Globe Awards for the films in which she interpreted difficult characters, but she succeeded and impressed the audience again. She also appeared in TV movies and also in the comedy Heartbreakers, so she changed with time the type of characters she had interpreted until then, but she was again rewarded with important awards for these, too, so the talent she has is huge. Sigourney Weaver was engaged with the reporter Aaron Latham, but they broke up and she married to the film maker Jim Simpson since 1984. They have a daughter, Charlotte Simpson. Sigourney Weaver sustains the fight against pollution as she is a convinced environmentalist. She is worried about the pollution of the air, oceans, she also sustains the disabled people or those who are very poor and she participated in several conferences or campaigns with these subjects.

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